I was born by the sea near Porthcawl in Wales and trained in sculpture in Manchester and at St Martin's, London. My work was detailed, accurate and in demand, but I began to realise words can deliver so much more than any narrative sculpture or painting. Even the imagery of the Flemish School or later Symbolists and Surrealists however startling, is, by comparison, limited.

My strong familial connections with the Pyrenees, Germany and Holland have provided me with themes of loss and exclusion. The dark side of people and landscape. The deceptive exterior, the snake in the grass are all themes which recur in my writing. I also believe, like the Cathars, in the transmigration of souls.

I am married to the painter, Jeffrey Spedding, and we have a house in the Pyrenees where most of my work and dreaming is done. France, like Wales, is a country full of unfinished business. Magnetic but disturbing.

Crime writers whom I most admire are the late Friedrich Durrenmatt, Pierre Magnan and Jean-Christophe Grange. The single book which has most influenced me, is Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie's 'Montaillou.' Its factual account of love and betrayal in a French mediaeval village is moving and engrossing, and to visit it today is to experience an eerie time-slip.



My poetry and short stories have won awards and been widely published. I shall be judging the International Welsh Poetry Competition 2018, and am currently putting together my first collection ‘SACRIFICE’ which will be out in early 2019.

I’m also busy writing ‘FATAL’ book number four in my noir crime series featuring new, young gendarme, Delphine Rougier, set mainly in the Sarthe region of France.

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